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(Self-Employment for Rural Destitute Women Through Cottage Industries)
SERWTCI Constituted Under The Purview of Ministry of Industries, Government of Bangladesh.

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GOAT Rearing works help Rabeya Khatun break the curse of poverty

Rabeya Khatun is only 40 years old. She was a husbandless destitute woman. There were no someone without only mother. They lived at Baghbati village of Sadar thana in Sirajgonj district situated in the Northern part of Bangladesh. She join as a member in Group No-05, Code no-01, under Kazipur Branch of SERWTCI of Sirajgonj district at the date 03-07-2003. Her mother was a Beggar and she lived by providing household service to others house. She belonged to the ultra poor class in the measure of property and daily income. They have only less than 2 decimal land including a small thatching material house.

GOAT Rearing works help Rabeya Khatun break the curse of poverty
To protect them from poverty she decided to join SERWTCI. She started with savings. After three months she took out 4000/- taka as first loan at the date of 29-10-2003.At first she bought a goat by 2500/- and the rest of Money is used to repair their house. She was rearing goat besides household activities and in this way the number of goat was increased. At present she does not work others house. She is self-reliant and established in her society by goat rearing with the help of SERWTCI.
The previous year, she soled goat about the number of ten to make two tinsed houses. At present she has taken 20,000/- taka loan for the purpose of goat rearing. Now she has ten goat which market value is about 50,000/- taka. She wants to open a Goat rearing firm for help to the helpless destitute women to create employment opportunity.

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